Homemade savory jelly made with pork cheeks and egg served on shredded lettuce leaves 99,- Kč

Poached egg served on lettuce with lamb's letíce and reduction of burgundy 79,- Kč

Home-made pate with roast meat, cranberry sauce and chopped Roman salad 97,- Kč


Bohemian tripe soup "Simental" 59,- Kč

Strong chicken consommé with noodles and root vegetables "Julien" 55,- Kč

Specialties of Hotel Frankův Dvůr ****

Beef burger with creamy garlic dressing, romaine lettuce, tomatoes and toasted slices of unpeeled potatoes 199,- Kč

„Frankův Dvůr Tower“ interlaced with chicken fillets, pork medallions and potato pancakes with a variety of grilled vegetables 259,- Kč


Main courses


Grilled Flank steak from young bull macerated in honey, with a sauce of demi glace sauce with a hint of cognac, and farmer potatoes 299,- Kč

Braised beef cheeks in red wine and root vegetables, and mashed potatoes with scallions 199,- Kč

Chunk of topside beef  of a young bull pulled twelve hours in a vacuum with root vegetables and spices, served with parsley potatoes 219,- Kč


Pork tenderloin roasted with herbs and delicate chanterelle sauce and barley risotto 259,- Kč

Grilled pork neck maxisteak marinated in lemon balm and honey, served with mustard, horseradish, garlic sauce, grilled corn and bread 259,-Kč

Grilled pork ribs marinated in spices, served with spicy mustard, horseradish and garlic sauce, pickled onions, pickles, hot peppers, grilled corn, and fresh bread 249,- Kč

Gently spicy pork strips marinated and roasted in red pepper with fresh pepper and garlic, served with homemade potato pancakes 199,- Kč


Zander baked in a crust with herbs and roasted vegetables 229,- Kč

Carp fillet on shredded lettuce with cherry tomatoes and dill dip 219,- Kč

Home-made noodles mixed with boletes, roasted with shallots and white wine, served with roasted chicken breast 145,- CZK

Wild boar medallions with rosehip cream and red wine, served with gingerbread dumplings 185,- CZK


Chicken thigh steak, seasoned with fresh herbs, served with glazed shallots, carrot "julienne" and roasted potatoes 199,- Kč

Natural chopped turkey steaks along with spring onions, fried in butter until golden brown, served with gravy souce with bacon and mashed potatoes 199,- Kč

Crispy chicken cutlets made from chickens fed by corn, fried until golden brown in crust full of cornflake crisp, served with variation of lettuce with lime dressing, sprinkled with cheese 199,- Kč


Stewed venison ragout on blackcurrant jelly, and a  red wine sauce with thyme, juniper, rosemary and marjoram, served with homemade potato croquettes 199,- Kč

Wild boar stew by family recipe, prepared under the supervision of the owner, served with dumplings with roasted bread 199,- Kč

Place of origin:    Polesí Telč, honitba pod hradem Roštejn

Hunter:                Karel Frank

Domestic rabbit „from grandfather’s hutches“

Rabbit thigh roasted on thyme slowly cooked with root vegetables, served with cream sauce and homemade dumplings 229,- Kč


Variation of shredded lettuce leaves with basil pesto, cherry tomatoes and pieces of grilled zander 119,- Kč

Garden salad made from our  tomatoes and cucumbers with a sour cream dressing 79,- Kč

Cherry tomatoes with marinated mozzarella pieces in the dressing from fresh basil, olive oil and lemon juice 99,- Kč

Spring salad with arugula and corn salad with cutted chicken breast sprinkled with parmezán 139,- Kč


Homemade egg noodles "Carbonara" 159,- Kč

Homemade egg noodles mixed with mushrooms, roasted shallots with a squirt of white wine, served with cutted chicken breast sprinkled with parmezán 145,- Kč


Vanilla panna cotta with cherry sauce 79,- Kč

Traditional Czech pancakes with berries, sour cream and honey mousse 79,- Kč

Something to beer

Variation of marinated cheese with dill, garlic and cumin, served with grapes and walnuts 129 Kč

Farmers plate produced by Charles Frank Butcher Ltd. - Delicious Iberian bacon, Hungarian cold-smoked pork and served with pickled onion, cucumber, peppers and brad 139 Kč

For Children

Chicken breast with butter, mashed potatoes with cream 79,- Kč

Fresh pancake filled with chicken and vegetables 99,- Kč

Fried chicken fillet in a crust of corn flake chips served with French fries 79,- Kč

Homemade egg pasta with cheese sauce 69,- Kč

Roast sirloin in sour cream sauce with dumplings 89,- Kč

Fried cheese with French fries 79,- Kč


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