South Bohemia

Typical Southern Bohemian countryside is full of ponds, woods and meadows where you can endlessly ramble, cycle or explore the countryside from your car. You will be permanently amazed by new romantic retreats. Nowhere in the Czech Republic you will find so many old castles and well kept chateaus as in Southern Bohemia. Historical towns full of interesting sights, neat squares, winding streets and cosy pubs, as well as picturesque villages with well-preserved historical buildings are other attractions that ever more visitors from our country and abroad want to see in the region of Southern Bohemia. Moreover Southern Bohemia is so easy to reach from anywhere – in the west it borders Plzeň Region, in the north Central Bohemian Region, in the northeast Vysočina Region, in the east there is a short border with South Moravian Region. Southern Bohemia is also easy to reach for our Austrian and German neighbours, and it is regularly visited by Dutch tourists too. Hotel **** Frankův Dvůr, situated in nature only 2 km from Jindřichův Hradec is an ideal place for trips to all corners of Southern Bohemia. If you spend a romantic weekend or an entire holiday, you won't be disappointed and you will love returning to this place.

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Czech Canada

National park Czech Canada, situated near the Austrian border, is one of the most romantic places in our country. The name is derived from the features of the countryside, that really resembles Canada. The terrain undulates and turns into wooded dark green hills and wherever you look there are gleaming ponds, wide streams and mighty rivers. No wonder that Czech Canada, measuring 283 km², was declared a National park in 1994. A Roman castle ruin Landštejn is considered the centre of Czech Canada. Hotel **** Frankův Dvůr can arrange for larger groups of visitors an adventurous event, resembling a French game, called Fort Boyard in Landštejn.

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