Festive dinner menu

For your receptions, banquets or other celebrations and parties you can choose from our rich offer of festive menus.

Four course menu

Menu I. – 320,- CZK

Ham roll with horseradish gervais
Beef bouillon with liver dumplings
Braised beef with cream sauce, Carlsbad dumpling, cranberries
Grandma's homemade apple pie - apples and walnuts

Menu II. – 450,- CZK

Salmon Tartar steak, baked toast and rucola variation with cherry tomatoes
Asparagus cream with croutons and roasted asparagus tips on butter
Cock cooked in wine with mashed potatoes
Strawberry sorbet with champagne

Menu III. – 420,- CZK

Chicken stock with dumplings and noodles
Rabbit ragout resting on strained potatoes with sauce made from port wine
Roasted salmon on herbs with chateau potatoes, julliene vegetables and herb sauce
Sacher cake

Menu IV. – 450,- CZK

English roast beef, lettuce variation with herb pesto and garlic dip
French onion soup with cheese toast
Pork sirloin resting on chanterelle with delicate mushroom sauce and potato gratin
Homemade honey pie

Menu V.  – 580,- CZK

Venison paté with cranberry sauce and orange jelly
Soup  „Vichysiosse“
English steak with Kenyan beans and roasted potatoes, strong veal glacée
Creme Brulee and sour cherry coulis

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